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SNAPZOOMS A personal project brought to life.
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SHOT GLASSES - souvenirs done smartly
LITTLE LOUDMOUTHS - helping kids hear their favorite stuff
MILITARY HISTORY - transforming a military crest 
SNAPZOOMS - a universal optical adapter for smartphones
THE HELM - a helmet fit for a hero
RAIL STATION MODEL - a city’s chance to speak to the public
TOY PROTOTYPES - toy concepts
BEACH BUM’S MUG - promoting the best coffee
PENDANTS - two jewelry concepts ready to go
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The ROBOX 3D printer by CEL is the ideal 3D printer for both beginners and professionals.  
What a difference 20 microns makes….The 20 micron resolution of the ROBOX allows more capability than 3D printers with the standard 100 micron resolution.- A smooth surface right from the printer means little to no finishing work.  - No need for chemical or tumble smoothing.  - Smooth from print means dimensions and fine details are more CAD accurate.  Moving parts, fitted and offset parts simply fit better.- Smooth surface prints are ideal for casting applications
Award Winning Plug & Play Design
First units for Kickstarter backers are sold out.  Pre-order for next available units through Tinkerlife will start soon.
Professionals NEED a no fuss 3D printer, consumers DESERVE it...Focus on your design, not fixing your machine.  - Auto-leveling means no frustration setting up your machine to print.- Material smart wheels are automatically recognized by the ROBOX, telling it what type of material and how to setup for it.- The Plug-N-Play printhead can easily be replaced or upgraded to future capabilities (additional printhead, scanner, cutter).  
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SNAPZOOMS - The Universal Digiscoping Adapter
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A coffee mug designed like a German beer stein.
Having lived in Germany I loved the variety of beer steins I saw there.  I thought I would bring that look when I designed a promotional mug for The Beach Bum Cafe in Honolulu.
Little Loudmouths
Little Loudmouths were designed to re-direct the sound from a rear speaker on a tablet device to the front.  Its cute design is because its taget audience are hearing impaired children.
This rail station model was completed in under two weeks and was the centerpiece for a rail marketing campaign.
The only way to create the roof within the deadline was through 3D printing.
Both a virtual and physical model were created.  The virtual model was made for an online virtual walkthrough.
Honolulu Rail Station Model
When manufacturing popular souvenir shotglasses became a challenge a company turned to clay models.  We scanned those models cleaned them up and reproduced them in acrylic for casting and painting.
Take a Closer Look
This costume helmet was created for a motorcyle promotion.  The owner of the shop was a big comic book fan.
Promotional Motorcycle Helmet
Both jewelry designs were created for 3D printing in metal materials.
X-O Manowar is a comic book character by Valiant Entertainment.  We created a prototype action figure for licensing evaluation.
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Transforming a military crest for fabrication takes some artistic and technical considerations.  The crest of the 1st Battalion 4th Marines was recreated for 3D printing.